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It is hard to do better than a crewed sailing yacht vacation in the Caribbean.  All the pieces of a magic puzzle come together.
The beauty of the islands, the sailing conditions, the weather, the water, the food, the bays in which to anchor, the natural wonders, the sea creatures, the food – did we mention the food?  What else can we say?  Oh yes!! The boat and the crew!  We would love to have you aboard Beagle Knot on your next vacation.

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To make it happen is simple:

1.  You contact us or your broker with the time of year you wish to come, the number of visitors and the options you wish.

2.  We calculate your cost.

3.  We put a hold on our centralized calendar while you make your plane reservations.

4.  We sign a simple contract and you send in the deposit.

5.  Dream …